Well hello there


I've always had an eye for style and design and an intense desire to create. I began dressing up my friends for fashion shoots when I was about 15.  There was always something about photographs that truly fascinated me.

I spent 6 years working in the television news industry as an anchor and reporter, telling stories and connecting with people on such a meaningful level. Still - I needed to fuel my creative side and that’s when I started my fashion/lifestyle blog. I also took on a lot of freelance photography projects and worked with brands (big and small) as a digital content creator.

Working alongside small businesses owners and fellow entrepreneurs is a true passion of mine.


About Jamie

+ Owns too many pairs of shoes

+ Likes to dance around the kitchen

+ Mom to a 3-year-old boy who loves trucks, tractors and running away from me

+ Used to be vegan, then got pregnant and wanted a cheese burger

+ Wanted to be a pop star for the majority of my adolescence

+ Intense case of Wanderlust

+ Engaged and planning a wedding #cuethestresseating

+ Blogger over at Glitz a Beautiful Life


I believe in fiercely chasing after what makes your heart happy…


Working with me

I love to photograph people because I love to help them feel something. A photo can capture someones spirit like nothing else. I might ask you to dance around, we'll probably do a lot of laughing, but the process will be free and fun.  Just as much as I enjoy a perfectly styled editorial shoot, I truly love capturing life as it happens.

Being a small photography and design studio, I’m able to offer a highly personalized experience that really allows me to create lasting relationships with my clients. 



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